Trailer of a documentary movie “Ship God”

“How much has been lost by mankind in the last few centuries …
Knowledge, technologies, traditions, valor and honor …
Modern people are not even capable of making things that had been done two or three centuries ago. But sooner or later there comes a time when we pay tribute to the past and begin to restore the legacy of our great ancestors.”

Preface of the documentary “Ship God”

The system which became foundation of Spanish technique was proven by wars and time, therefore it has not lost its effectiveness and refusal to compromise till present day.
Origins of the system go back to Sicily; it was the leading system in the era of the conquests of Charles V. A system which was passed only within the family, from generation to generation is full of secrets and mysteries. It consists of 21 blocks.

Palermitan fencing school. The results of research were carried out in Sicily by Grand Maestro Oleg Maltsev. Soon New documentary movie by “Unsolved crimes” Newspaper.

Author: Sergio Kaz