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В Сплите завершены Всемирные игры Будо: самооборона от холодного и огнестрельного оружия

Очередные Всемирные игры Будо 2021 года, организованные клубом джиу-джитсу Hurricane в хорватском городе Сплит – завершились. Несмотря на обстоятельства пандемии, положительный эффект от всего мероприятия был достигнут – тренировки прошли в отличной атмосфере, в первую…

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Bokator. Antonio Graceffo

Antonio Graceffo – Brooklyn Monk, Dr. Antonio Graceffo, Ph.D., China MBA, writing China economic research reports. – You were born into a Sicilian family. How do you think your Italian roots have influenced on your…

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5 Things You Need To Know About Working The Heavy Bag In Boxing

Recently we received a letter in the mail from Ms. Maral Papazian. She is a marketing manager in Nazo Boxing company (USA). Nazo Boxing was founded in 1997 by Nazo (Nazaret) Ayranjyan who was born…

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Impact of Covid on the MA world. World Budo Games 2021. Master Avi Nardia

For almost 2 years, the Covid-19 type flu has been ripping round the world. Many people lost their jobs and were forced to go rob and kill to survive.When we talk about martial arts, this…

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World Budo Games 2021, Split – Croatia

On the eve of “World Budo Games 2021. Croatia” we contacted the main organizer of the event, Hrvoje Znaor – head coach of the Ju-Jitsu team “Uragan” from Split, Croatia. Also, a member of the…

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Martial arts Professor Salem Assli and how a severe accident changed his attitude towards life

Salem Assli—internationally recognized martial arts practitioner of more than ten martial arts and an instructor best known for reviving and popularizing savate boxe francaise and la canne, the martial arts of his homeland France. He…

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Organization of Training

One of the most crucial things in training is to know how to reach a set goal. The organization of each training session is one that can and should not be left to fate or…

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JEET KUNE DO — “Way of the intercepting fist”

A conversation between academician Oleg Maltsev and Grand Maestro Dan Inosanto.

The Jeet Kune Do martial arts approach still fascinates many. Especially today, it seems as if there is a second wave that is no less relevant than in Bruce Lee’s day. Lee can rightfully be defined as an unparalleled figure of the 20th century: martial artist, actor, director, screenwriter, producer, philosopher, simply an outstanding individual with a great sense of humor, in combination with striking self-discipline—all in one person.

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The Development of the Martial Artist Through Hollywood Films

A TV historian said that before Conan the Barbarian, “We knew the hero was big and strong because the script said he was.” He felt that Conan was the first attempt Hollywood had made to…

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Non-compromised Pendulum: A book about Cus D’Amato’s style, by Oleg Maltsev and Tom Patti

Non-compromised Pendulum: A book about Cus D’Amato’s style, by Oleg Maltsev and Tom Patti Book Review by Dr. Antonio Graceffo Sun Tzu’s military strategy, expressed in The Art of War and Miyamoto Musashi’s The Book…

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The origin of disputes between sport and combat training

Can a sportsman be mistaken about his own advantages? What is the significance of combat preparation in a street fight? The physical aspect for winning in a fight depends on person’s characteristics. However, when we…

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Dr. James O. Finckenauer speaks about the Russian criminal tradition

James O. Finckenauer is a professor at the Department of World Politics at Rutgers University (USA), where he taught criminology, criminal justice and specialized in an organized crime research for 40 years. He is the…