World Budo Games 2021, Split – Croatia

On the eve of “World Budo Games 2021. Croatia” we contacted the main organizer of the event, Hrvoje Znaor – head coach of the Ju-Jitsu team “Uragan” from Split, Croatia. Also, a member of the international Genshinkan federation (Ju-Jitsu, Kempo, sambo, grappling). He is ex employee of the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs, a lawyer today. Also, he is the founder, president, and coach of JJK Uragan, coach of the Jujitsu Cro Team team (4th Dan Jissen Jiu-Jitsu, 2nd Dan Judo, international instructor of Police Self-Defense, now the promoter of the International Hall of Fame of Martial Arts (Under Genshinkan) with support of more than 47 federations/associations from all over the world.

Since 2007, Hrvoje has been Vice President of the European Budo Council (the second largest European ju-jitsu organization), and since 2009, President, member of MAIF, ISA, WMGA, etc.

Master Znaor gave online some comments:

“This year it will be the 18 years of our martial arts gathering, camps, and finally games in Split. Till this year, we have more than 8000 budokas, visitors and competitors from all around the world, from more than 43 countries. During that time, we organized official national championships, European and World Cups (Genshinkan), World Cup under FILA, etc.

But basically, for this year unfortunately because of this coronavirus, will be a lot fewer competitors, there is a lot of interest, but we expect around 100 budokas from Israel, Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Hungary, Italia, Slovenia, USA, Bosnia, Montenegro, etc.

For example, last year we didn’t be able to organize anything.  But we`re playing and we won`t give up, we will do our best. But this year we hope to do that on the top level no matter how many people will come.

In these three days, which will be held from 30th July to 1-st of August 2021 we will start with the first day (Friday) with a multistage of budo camp who be lead the IPA (International Police Association) and police instructors under Grand Master Zoran Šinković from Zagreb, Another two days budo camp will be under Grand Master Avi Nardia from Israel and competition in jujitsu, grappling and self-defense. Most martial arts fighters know who is Mr. Nardia and what kind of skills he has so they are very happy to be a part of this event. That I am so proud and so happy that he will come here to Split.

I’m very proud I can pronounce the 8th edition of the International Hall of Fame of Martial Arts under Genshinkan International Federation & JJK Uragan and under the auspices of President of Croatia Mr. Zoran MIlanović.

On 30th of July on the event will be 10 awarded masters from all around the world and they will receive some professional awards and became a member of this prestige International Hall of Fame. For example, very famous members and legends of martial arts from past years who have been visited our event of Hall of Fame were: Ernesto Hoost, Ray Sefo, Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, Don Dragon Wilson, Zvonko Tubić, Branco Cikatic, Bill Wallace, Zoran Šinković, Dennis Hanover, Tselestin Tshyktinski, Ran Steinberg, Mirsad Nokto,  etc.

On Friday night in the prestige interior of 5* Hotel Cornaro in Split will be held the 8th edition of the International Hall of Fame with a gala dinner and awards where will be inducted new members of martial arts (martial arts legends, master/grand masters, martial arts promoters, martial arts media supporters, etc.).

And it’s also important to mention that we in past 5 years organize all these events for the kids with special needs here in Croatia – an association named by “Angels” so this prestigious gala night have the name IHoF Nights of Angels. During the gala night and camp, we donate Angels. And in that way, we collect all the necessary things at that moment that this association of “Angels” needs. This association helps kids with special needs and cares, but especially people with special needs. We will do the best for them and usually, some people outside of martial arts, who follow us, who follow me, support our ideas to help them too. Grandmaster Avi Nardia occurred for this. He was very surprised us. We from martial arts know very well about his activities in Africa (Nigeria) and a lot of humanitarian works for kids over there. He is an amazing Master, a pure book with never-ending, full of respect in the martial arts world, and also a great and very glad person and friend. It is a blessing to be next to him.

The main organization is under the Ju-Jitsu team “Uragan”. And I’m very happy that this event is supported by Genshinkan International Federation and Grand Master Tselestin Tshyktinski. Hope, soon all this situation will be much better and me personally like other budokas can’t wait to have a large martial arts event in Split, especially with our friends from Russia, Ukraine, China, it is for sure the will be a lot of fight, fun and enjoy”.

Author: Myroslav Bekchyv