Breaking templates. Ju-Jutsu master John Kovacs

John Kovacs. Professor of Yishendo Escrima Ju-Jutsu.

0:17 Introduce yourself. How your journey began?
1:21 Your first martial art. Why did you start doing it, and not some other?
2:03 What is this ju-jutsu?
4:20 How would you describe the philosophy of the ju-jutsu?
10:38 Is it possible to use the philosophy of the ju-jutsu in the usual life?
12:21 Is it possible to practice ju-jutsu alone at home?
14:20 Who do you consider being the best masters-patriarchs of ju-jutsu?
17:27 Are you using a methodology? If yes, which one?
18:54 How to separate sparring and real combat?

Prof. John Kovacs, Soke was born in Newark, New Jersey USA in October of 1960. Soke Kovacs parents fled the Russian invasion of Hungary of 1956, and Soke Kovacs is the first of his family born in the USA. Soke Kovacs’ father Janos, was his first teacher in the martial arts, and laid down the foundation for what would become a life-long passion. Janos Kovacs senior, prior to his arrival to Amer­ica, had dabbled a bit in Judo, Boxing and Saber fencing. After his arrival to the USA, and throughout the 1960’s Kovacs senior was fortunate enough to have trained with some of New Jersey’s “legends” in the martial arts including Grandmaster Maestro Peter Urban of USA Goju, Grandmaster Don Nagel of Issin-Ryu, Son Duk Son of Tae Kwon Do, and was good friends with and student under Master Harold Schaeffer, business partner to the legendary James (Jimmy) Cheatham of Chito-Ryu Karate.

Young Kovacs junior began his training under his father at around the age of four in the basics of his father’s system. It was a blend of all he had learned and continued 10 refined throughout his life. He taught his son to tailor the arts to suit his own physical attributes. Long before the concept of “eclectic”, “hybrid” or “mixed martial arts” were common terms, Janos Kovacs senior instructed his son to be a seeker and innovator and not a robot or a slave to any method, system, way, or doctrine. This thirst for knowledge has continued unabated until this very day. Soke Kovacs will always consider himself stu­dent always and sometimes teacher. Soke Kovacs has been inducted into numerous Martial Art Hall of Fames, including recognition nationally and internationally, as the founder of his system “Yishendo Es­crima Ju-Jutsu”. To analyze, dissect and experiment is the working motto for Yishendo while travers­ing down the path as Warrior, Scholar and Mystic.

The influences in the continual evolution of Yishendo have been a refinement and distillation of many outstanding systems and teachers including Prof. Florendo Visitacion, Shinan Antonio Pereira, and famous WWII close combat Instructor Mr. Charles Nelson. Many other influences have been a cont­ributing factor in the development of Yishendo including Prof. Wally Jay, Koncho Shigeru Oyama, Prof. Mat Marinas, Prof. Luis Ferrer, Prof. Moses Powell and fencing Maestro’s Csaba Eltes and Ramon Martinez. The teachings of GM Ed Parker’s Kenpo system continue to be an inspiration in Yishendo’s growth and development. Soke Kovacs has also attained teaching licenses and instructor certification in T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Yoga. Soke Kovacs also has a degree in Physical Therapy, and a B.A. and M.A. in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He is a trained Gestalt Therapist and has explored and trained in numerous body/mind/spirit paradigms. Soke Kovacs is a published author, has appeared in numerous videos, and conducts workshops in his system nationally and internationally. He is currently a student of theology pursuing his master’s in divinity at Regent University.

Author: Myroslav Bekchyv