SCS, Eskrima – Kali – Arnis, Knife fighting. Frans and Leonora Stroeven

Frans Stroeven – founder of Stroeven Combat System International. This system concentrates on self-defense, and makes the student aware of the danger and effectivity of sticks and pointed weapons. The training is oriented towards armed and unarmed street fighting and based on several Filipino Martial Arts which have been modified by Frans.

Frans has more than 40 years of experience in Martial Arts. Frans and his partner & wife Leonora with a no-nonsense approach for the level of the student Frans Stroeven with his knowledge and skills teaches the student how to handle armed and unarmed combat.

Worldwide Frans is holding seminars and teaching courses in: Eskrima – Kali – Arnis (stick fighting); Pangamot – Panantukan -Mano mano (dirty boxing); knife fighting.

Author: Myroslav Bekchyv