The treatise “The Art of Superior Sword Handling”. Free lesson with Grand Maestro Oleg Maltsev

Yesterday, in a live broadcast with Grand Maestro Oleg Maltsev there was a lesson on Italian fencing in the framework of “Lies and Truth about martial arts” project. This lesson is a completion of the first part of the lectures on the topic of Italian fencing and it is dedicated to the conversation about the treatise “The Art of Superior Sword Handling”, written by master Francesco Alfieri.

Live Broadcast with Grand Maestro Oleg MaltsevItalian Fencing School«Over-extreme limit level methodology of instruction»Francesco Alfieri (1640)Science of Victory�Прямой эфир с Гранд Маэстро Олегом Мальцевым Школа Итальянского Фехтования «Запредельный уровень методики преподавания»Франческо Альфиери (1640) Наука побеждать#LiesAndTruthAboutMartialArts #MartialArts #GrandMaestroOlegMaltsev #IgnoranceLiquidation #SpeculationsOverview #Weapons #HistoryOfMartialArts #CriminalTraditions #WeaponHistory #ItalianFencingSchool #FrancescoAlfieri #ScienceOfVictory�

Gepostet von Lies and Truth about Martial Arts am Donnerstag, 17. August 2017

It should be noted that Francesco Alfieri is rightly called the greatest master and a politician. He is the author of a treatise which is being referred to by numerous of Italian treatises, as well as many masters outside of Italy. In one of the Neapolitan treatises of Master Blasco Florio, entitled “The Book of Neapolitan Fencing” it is stated:

“We know Alfieri as a great scientist, and he will remain forever as such in our memories.”

What contribution did Francesco Alfieri made in the development of fencing? Why does he deserve such honor and glory? Why is he considered to be an uncompromising master amongst others? A free lesson with Grand Maestro Oleg Maltsev was devoted to these questions.

Author: Oleg Starinov