World Budo Games-2021 completed in Split

In the presence of a smaller number of guests than in previous years, the eighth edition of the International Hall of Fame of Martial Arts was held at the Cornaro Hotel in Split, ie a donation evening for the Angels from Split association.

Along with the main star of the evening, MMA and K1 legend Alistair Overeem, masters, coaches, fighters and public figures were awarded for their work and results to promote martial arts nationally and internationally and help those in need in society, and this year they were: Ivan Mikulić, Željan Rakela, Ante Bonacic, Ciril Klajnscek, Boris Horvat, Avi Nardia, Pero Lovrić, Krasmidar Gadzić, media portal Dalmacija Danas and the association Anđeli from Split.

On the first day (Friday), an all-day seminar was held led by Zoran Šinković, Hrvoje Znaor, Boris Horvat, Ciril Klajnscek, Pero Lovrić and Krasmidar Gadžić, where participants could learn different principles of self-defense, intervention and defense in the ground (combat jujitsu) and apprehension.

Saturday and Sunday were intended for the seminar of Avi Nardija, which was a great camp with great impressions of all participants and which was based on self-defense against cold and firearms, tactical actions when handling a gun and shooting tactics, tactical drills for physical protection of VIPs and more advanced knife-fighting techniques in the stand and ground. Cooperation has already been agreed with a number of eminent masters for next year, during which the arrival of a well-known UFC champion and former world champions in martial arts has been agreed.

Despite the pandemic circumstances, the positive effect of the whole event was achieved – top trainings were done in a really great atmosphere, primarily learning from Israeli instructor Avi Nardia, and in social terms a step forward was made in financial and any other support to the Angels Association.
The sporting story of Split goes further, the names of the new laureates for next year will be announced soon.

Author: Myroslav Bekchyv