Honorable Knight. Sifu Francis Fong

“I am grateful to Sifu for lifetime of knowledge that nobody can take from me.”

Sifu Guro Jon Rister about his Master Sifu Francis Fong

Sifu Guro Jon Rister shared with us about his teacher Francis Fong in the recent interview in the rubric “Honorable Knight” in the project “Truth and Lies about Martial Arts”. Sifu Fong is a martial arts teacher of Wing Chun and a respected professional in this field.

Jon Rister first met his teacher in 1986 at the age of 20. As a first step Sifu Fong taught his student loyalty and other core values of a decent man, the second step was education of the character.

“First of all, he has skills of a real warrior, – says Jon Rister, – as well as a man, as a teacher, as even a healer, as a person who leads and guides his students not just in warrior arts but in their life skills. He is a real honorable knight. Unshakeable would be a description of him”

Sifu Francis Fong taught Jon to see variety of actions both in defense and in attack; Never stop defending and at the same time continue to interact with the partner. He taught at his lessons that honor and loyalty are the main qualities of a person engaged in martial arts. Only having these characteristics one can reach the top and come to success!

Jon Rister himself speaks about his Master with the deepest respect and gratitude: “He made me a better man, a better instructor, a better person in everything in life. He made me martial artist. He taught me that  everything person does has certain reason or purpose, you just have to see and identify that. It is far more important than skill or technical ability. There are no many masters in the world that can teach you really effective things that always works. There is no price that you can put on that!

I am very grateful to my Teacher Francis Fong for all these years of joint training and study. These skills will be with me all my life.”


Author: Ann Fisher