Guru Ferd Terado about New International project

I think “Lies and truth about martial arts” would be a good platform for discussion the more “uncomfortable” topics with regards to martial arts as a whole.

As we have done, we talked about a specific topic, training methodology in martial arts; the traditional (antiquated) approach vs a modern systematic approach… and somehow still retain and preserve the original intent of the traditional methods, which is to develop competent martial skills.
Another guest may be talking about something like… «how can a martial arts business maintain integrity when the main purpose of a “business” is to make money» or «why training in weaponry is integral to one’s education in martial arts, regardless what style or system they choose».

I wish the organizers of the project strength and good luck – you are good fellows and are doing a very important thing to all!

Guru Ferd Terado
Pekiti – Trisia Kali Peninsula

Author: Ann Fisher