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JEET KUNE DO — “Way of the intercepting fist”

A conversation between academician Oleg Maltsev and Grand Maestro Dan Inosanto.

The Jeet Kune Do martial arts approach still fascinates many. Especially today, it seems as if there is a second wave that is no less relevant than in Bruce Lee’s day. Lee can rightfully be defined as an unparalleled figure of the 20th century: martial artist, actor, director, screenwriter, producer, philosopher, simply an outstanding individual with a great sense of humor, in combination with striking self-discipline—all in one person.

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Counterattack in the Spanish fencing school

It is not a secret that Spanish fencing school had a big influence in the medieval European history. One of the facts is that the Charles V and his well-prepared army had conquered almost the…

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Yuryi Senchukov about speculations in the field of oriental martial arts

This topic is one of the most relevant ones for today. The journalist of our publication spoke about these questions with a martial arts researcher, the author of several books on the subject, and the…

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What is the origin of Destreza?

Destreza is one of the most effective systems of fencing. It presents a science by itself, in the basis of which there is a fundamental knowledge in the area of Spanish fencing. The history of…

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What is Kali Filipino system?

In one of the previous articles we spoke about the Filipino martial arts and their origin. The time has come to look into more deeply into the filipino kali system and the reason it is…

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Dr. James O. Finckenauer speaks about the Russian criminal tradition

James O. Finckenauer is a professor at the Department of World Politics at Rutgers University (USA), where he taught criminology, criminal justice and specialized in an organized crime research for 40 years. He is the…

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“Lepka” and “Makhalovo” are legendary systems of Academician Popov

“In the 30’s of the last century, Soviet scientists were set the task to develop effective close combat systems for ordinary people, for army units and NKVD officers. It was during this period when Sambo…

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What is the “52 blocks” style? The reaction of the professional boxing community

In the beginning of 2018 there was an “appearance” of the book by Douglas Century “Street Kingdom. Five Years Inside the Franklin Avenue Posse.” in a professional boxing environment. In fact, despite the fact that…

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How to make it into history of world martial arts in one year

Throughout the year of 2017 freely available to everybody in public domain, one by one there was an appearance of dozens translated ancient treatises on fencing. Some of these treatises were written 300-400 years ago…

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Documentary movie “Steel-tempered heart”

Film company “Status” presents to your attention a new series of 10 documentaries “Steel – tempered heart” about legendary person Cus D’Amato. His life is real mystery. What is known about his approach, character, system…

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“I’m a brainy. I speculate in the field of martial arts” rubric with Borislav Krustev

In today’s world there is a huge number of different schools, systems and masters in martial arts, correspondingly there is a dispute over these questions: “Who is right, who is to blame? Who is better,…