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Guru Ferd Terado about New International project

I think “Lies and truth about martial arts” would be a good platform for discussion the more “uncomfortable” topics with regards to martial arts as a whole. As we have done, we talked about a…

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Pikaya Development

“I set a task for the research to find out which criminal tradition is the most criminal and dangerous one. As a result, there will be a certain system by the end of this year….

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Knife defence. Master Pablo Lopez

Within the project “Truth and Lie about Martial Arts” in the rubric “Free Lesson” Master Pablo Lopez has shown the System of personal extreme defense against knife attack. Today this subject is highly relevant as…

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Numbering cutting system

It is an all known fact that modern Filipino Martial Arts are considered to be one of the most effective systems when it comes to blade weapons. Needless to say FMA topic is indispensable in…

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Open All-Ukrainian Festival of Martial Arts «Best of the Best»

Open All-Ukrainian Festival of Martial Arts «Best of the best» The event will be held with the aim of popularizing martial arts in Ukraine, enhancing sports skills of athletes, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles….

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Canary Toledo. Free lesson with Maestro Palmero Ramos

Maestro Palmero Ramos is the director of the Spanish school Achinech located in the Canary Islands.  

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Rick McGee on Stress Management

Rick McGee is the founder and head instructor at Ares self-defense. Student comes to gym to teach oneself physical self defence. But what he really is looking for is  psychological self defence. I think it…

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Sipalki do Argentina. Gustavo Barrientos

The history of the origin of Sipalki do martial art. Basic principles, levels, system of certification, types of weapons along with the basic technical elements of attack and defense.

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Hank Hayes about his teacher Sensei John Salvaggio

Hank Hayes is the founder and owner of NLB Tactikal, military and law enforcement tactical training company.

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Public Failure. Blade weapon traditions of Sicily

For some Sicily is a dream, for some a mystery, for others a way of life. Millions of tourists come here every year to get acquainted with the history, culture and traditions. Only that traditions…

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“I’m a brainy. I speculate in the field of martial arts” rubric with Borislav Krustev

In today’s world there is a huge number of different schools, systems and masters in martial arts, correspondingly there is a dispute over these questions: “Who is right, who is to blame? Who is better,…

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What is “HEMA”? Unfair competition and methods of religious extremism

“HEMA is fairly a small group which employs methods of religious extremism in fighting its competitors. It seems that they do not understand what consequences they may face in case they continue on using similar…