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What is hidden by Alexei Kadochnikov?

What is hidden by Alexei Kadochnikov?

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Readers of our magazine already know that the rubric “Speculations in the world of martial arts” has a special importance for us. We do gather so-called “brainy” ones. In February 2018, the staff of the Scientific Research Institute “World martial art traditions and criminalistic research of weapon handling” appealed to the representatives of so-called Kadochnikov’s system, which later turned out to be officially a “method of self-defense” rather than a system. The purpose of the interview, which was planned to be published in our magazine, was the clarification of some questions about the origin of “A.Kadochnikov’s method”.

As a result, Arkadiy Kadochnikov had refused to give an interview, instead he provided a cell phone number of Alexei Kadochnikov. Arkadiy recommended the employees of Research Institute to get in touch with his father and ask him questions personally. Only after this, there was a private conversation with Alexey Kadochnikov, which is likely to cause a lot of questions among experts. We publish the talk in full on the pages of our publishing.


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