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Bare hands vs armed person

Bram Frank is Grand Master of Filipino Martial Arts, master of the Blade in Modern Arnis. Bram Frank is a first-generation personal student, and disciple of the late Grandmaster Remy Presas, the Father and Founder…

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Martial arts Professor Salem Assli and how a severe accident changed his attitude towards life

Salem Assli—internationally recognized martial arts practitioner of more than ten martial arts and an instructor best known for reviving and popularizing savate boxe francaise and la canne, the martial arts of his homeland France. He…

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JEET KUNE DO — “Way of the intercepting fist”

A conversation between academician Oleg Maltsev and Grand Maestro Dan Inosanto.

The Jeet Kune Do martial arts approach still fascinates many. Especially today, it seems as if there is a second wave that is no less relevant than in Bruce Lee’s day. Lee can rightfully be defined as an unparalleled figure of the 20th century: martial artist, actor, director, screenwriter, producer, philosopher, simply an outstanding individual with a great sense of humor, in combination with striking self-discipline—all in one person.

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Love, loyalty and respect in martial arts world. Sifu Martin Gonzalez

In the frameworks of the “Tribune” program Mary Saparkina interviewed Sifu Martin Gonzalez. He shared his opinion about the problems in martial arts world, namely the necessity of love, loyalty and respect. – Could you…

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The obstacles for the rapid response team

What can prevent one from effectively opposing an opponent? Ivan Burakov, the instructor of military special training, the Judo master has answered the question.   – The officers of the rapid response team often have…

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Master Sifu Restita Dejeus about her Teacher Christopher Petrilli

The guest of the program “Honorable Knight” of the project “Lies and Truth in Martial Arts”, in which we traditionally speak about teachers who influenced lives of their students, this time was Sifu Restita Dejeus…

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Control and arrest of the enemy. Free training session. Josafath Herrera (Mexico)

In 2017, within the framework of an international project “Lies and Truth in Martial Arts” a number of programs were broadcasted in the category “Free training lesson”, in which masters from different parts of the…

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Knife in the criminal tradition of Brazil. Diogo Duarte

As it is known, Brazil is one of the most criminal and dangerous countries in the world. In order to find out more about the modern criminal tradition of Brazil and the use of a…

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Sifu Alvaro Nascimento about his Teacher Master Kan Wing Yat. Honorable Knight

Our most recent guest of the “Honorable Knight” program in the framework of the “Lies and Truth about Martial Arts” project was Sifu Alvaro Nascimento, teacher of Wing Chun, Kung Fu, Dim Mack (KushoJitsu), Kapap…

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Master Curt Doyle about his Teacher Kathy Long, five-time World Kickboxing Champion

We present you an exclusive interview of Curt Doyle, a Master of the North American Institute of Self Defense. In an interview in the framework of the “Honorable Knight” program for the “Lies and Truth…

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Women Self Defense. Nelson Wagner

A free training lesson with Nelson Wagner on Vasiliev`s System. The main techniques, when capturing, striking and attacking with a knife in Russian Martial Art.

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Nelson Wagner about his teacher Vladimir Vasiliev

Nelson Wagner talks about how the meeting with Vladimir Vasiliev, who became his teacher, changed his whole life. “While I was training with him, I realized that Vladimir is also a good father, a good…