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What is Kali Filipino system?

In one of the previous articles we spoke about the Filipino martial arts and their origin. The time has come to look into more deeply into the filipino kali system and the reason it is…

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Master Sifu Restita Dejeus about her Teacher Christopher Petrilli

The guest of the program “Honorable Knight” of the project “Lies and Truth in Martial Arts”, in which we traditionally speak about teachers who influenced lives of their students, this time was Sifu Restita Dejeus…

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Martial arts and business. Sergey Shestakov

Nowadays, the main questions in regard to speculations in the field of martial arts are ones about the relation between martial arts and business structures; and why did masters and teachers in the past share…

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The Canarian knife is the world champion among criminal knives

It is a well-known fact that to date, there is a huge variety of knives in the world. Blades are an integral part of tradition and culture in virtually every country. This is not surprising if…

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About the difficulties of ancient fencing Spanish treatises translations. Cindy Kepp

We have repeatedly raised the topic of translations of ancient treatises on fencing. In the frameworks of this study, we have communicated with many experts who took part in this work. Among them we can…

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How to make it into history of world martial arts in one year

Throughout the year of 2017 freely available to everybody in public domain, one by one there was an appearance of dozens translated ancient treatises on fencing. Some of these treatises were written 300-400 years ago…

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Object of national pride was returned to Spain

History knows many examples of falsification and speculation. Attributing to oneself somebody else’s merits and forgetting brilliancy of geniuses has became a social norm since long. That is the way it was, and always will…

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“The Art of Excellent Sword Handling” the treatise by Francesco Alfieri

The employees of the “Scientific Research Institute of World Martial Art Traditions Study and Criminalistic Research of Weapon Handling” together with the Spanish Fencing School “Destreza Achinech” translated into Russian language the ancient Italian treatise…

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Spanish fencing. “Judgment of two Destrezas. Truth and Lie” Treatise “Greatness of a Sword” by Luis Pacheco de Narvaez

As part of research in the field of fencing there is a continuation of the study of treatise “Greatness of the sword” written by Luis Pacheco de Narvaez, studies are lead by Grand Maestro Oleg…

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Trailer of a documentary movie “Ship God”

“How much has been lost by mankind in the last few centuries … Knowledge, technologies, traditions, valor and honor … Modern people are not even capable of making things that had been done two or…

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Women Self Defense. Nelson Wagner

A free training lesson with Nelson Wagner on Vasiliev`s System. The main techniques, when capturing, striking and attacking with a knife in Russian Martial Art.

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Italian Fencing School. Over-extreme limit level methodology of instruction

Continuing the previous series of lectures Dr. Maltsev told about the third level of Italian fencing. Examples of personalities of this level are well-known fencing masters such as Giacomo Di Grassi and Francesco Alfieri. In…